Why Is There A Crack In The Grinding Disc?


low price grinding disc

The low price grinding disc sometimes cracks when it is used. Why is this? When the cutting piece is not uniform, the stress will accumulate in the weak tissue due to the torque force, thermal stress, tremor and other factors of the cutting process, resulting in cracking. When the grinding disc resin lacks toughness, the grinding disc is always in the cutting process. In the negative pressure state, lateral stress is inevitably generated. When the cutting piece cannot resist the lateral force, the grinding disc will be broken.

The flatness of the low-cost grinding disc is uneven. The grinding disc is unevenly organized. The hardness of the cutting piece is too high. The grinding disc resin lacks toughness. When the flatness of the grinding disc is poor, the cutting surface is curved, and the cutting piece is subjected to lateral stress increase as the cutting depth increases. The round trip will cause the low price grinding disc to crack and cause “soft film”. If it continues to use, it will break. When the hardness of the cutting piece is high, the radial torque force of the cutting piece will increase, because the thickness of the cutting piece is usually less than 4mm, so the thickness of the cutting piece is usually less than 4mm. It will cause the high quality grinding disc to rupture. So, after understanding these reasons, you can avoid these mistakes.

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