Why Do The Cutting Pieces Need To Be Hardened?


Now with the development of the abrasives industry, the cutting blade industry has gradually developed and is used in various industrial productions.

It can be said that the use of the cutting piece also accelerates the development of industrial production. Some users who have used the cutting piece know that the cutting piece must be hardened when using the cutting piece. Why? Today, I will explain it to you with a T41 4 inches cutting disc size cutter.

The shaped body of the cutting piece is heat-treated, and its shape is fixed to become a grinding wheel piece with certain hardness, strength, and heat resistance. The heat treatment process is hardening. The hardening process of the embryo body is the polycondensation process of the resin bonding agent, and the resin is composed of the low molecular weight linear structure is polycondensed into a network or a three-dimensional structure of a high molecular weight resin. During the crosslinking between the resin molecules, the viscosity of the liquid phenolic resin decreases, and becomes an elastomer as the temperature rises, and then becomes hard. In the process of heat treatment, when the temperature reaches 80~100 °C, the strength of the embryo body is low due to the melting and viscosity of the resin. When the temperature reaches 110~130 °C, the polycondensation reaction of the resin is accelerated. The volatile matter is also discharged more, the viscosity of the resin increases sharply and changes from liquid to elastomer. The embryo body softens and gradually hardens. The temperature continues to rise to 180-190 ° C for a period of time, and the resin is completely hardened. Insoluble and infusible solids, the embryo body becomes a solid.

The above is the introduction of the meaning of the cutting piece and the corresponding principle, I hope to help you to further understand and understand the cutting piece.