Cutting Machine Structure


The grinder is mainly composed of a base, a grinding wheel, an electric motor or another power source, a bracket, a protective cover and a water supply device. The China cutting disc for metal is disposed on the top surface of the base, and the base has a power source for receiving the power source. Space, the power source drives a reducer, and the reducer has a transmission shaft that passes through the top surface of the base for fixing the grinding wheel, and the bottom of the base corresponding to the grinding wheel has concave water collecting area, and the water collecting area extends outwardly.

high quality 9" grinding wheel

The water supply device is arranged above one side of the grinding wheel, and the water supply device has a space for containing water and liquid, and the water supply device has a water outlet on the side corresponding to the grinding wheel. The overall transmission mechanism is very simple and perfect, which makes the grinding process more convenient and smooth and improves the grinding efficiency of the whole grinder.
The aluminum flat cutting disc is brittle and the speed is very high. The safety operation rules should be strictly observed when using.