What Type Of Abrasives Is Grinding Wheels?


grinding wheel made in China

The grinding wheel is the main type of abrasives in the grinding process. Then, the following is the China grinding wheel manufacturer’s knowledge about the grinding wheel made in China.

The grinding wheel piece is a porous body which is prepared by adding a binder to an abrasive, and compacting, drying and baking. Due to the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the grinding wheel vary greatly, which has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of the grinding.

The characteristics of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, bonding agent, hardness, structure, shape, and size. The grinding wheel is a kind of abrasive tool with a large amount of use and a wide range of use. It can be rotated at high speed and can be metal or non-ferrous. The outer circumference, the inner circle, the plane, and various profiles of the metal workpiece are subjected to rough grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding, and grooving and cutting.

According to the abrasive used, it can be divided into ordinary abrasive grinding wheel and natural abrasive super-hard abrasive and diamond grinding wheel; according to the shape, it can be divided into flat grinding wheel, oblique-side grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup-shaped grinding wheel, dish-shaped grinding wheel, etc.; It is a ceramic grinding wheel, a resin grinding wheel, a rubber grinding wheel, a metal grinding wheel, and the like. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel mainly include abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size.