What Problems Should You Pay Attention To When Using The Cutting Disc?


With the development of the abrasives industry, cutting blades are now widely used as cutting equipment in the abrasives industry. Some users who have used cutting sheets know that the cutting blades belong to the grinding wheel, using abrasives and binder resins. Made of ordinary steel. Stainless steel metal and non-metal sheet. As a sharp cutting device, the cutting disc must be used safely in use. What problems should be paid attention to during use? Today Aurora Abrasives are explained with the 105*1.2*16 cutting disc as an example.

1. The bolt fastening cutting piece should ensure the flatness of the cutting piece when it is used, and there is no attachment between the cutting disc and the middle plate of the cutting bottom to avoid cracking during the use of the cutting disc.

2. When using the cutting disc, be sure to first idling 2~3 minutes before use to use it, and it is strictly forbidden to align the cutting disc for operation.

3. Reasons and hazards of forming a wavy grinding surface when the cutting disc is used:

Due to the uneven mixing of the cutting disc during the mixing process, the internal structure of the cutting disc is uneven, and the bonding agent is not well attached. The cutting disc is inconsistent when cutting, forming a corrugated grinding surface, which directly affects the vertical of the workpiece of the cutting device. Degree and flatness.

The above points are the points that the operator needs to pay attention to when operating the cutting disc. I hope these can help you use the cutting disc better and safer.

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