What Needs To Be Paid Attention To In Grinding Wheel Cutting?


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Cheap grinding disc in the cutting process needs to pay attention to all aspects of detail processing, this link for cutting shape and temperature are required to pay special attention to, even if a detail is not paid attention to will lead to the product can not be used in the later period, directly affecting the quality of the product, in short, we should pay attention to the corresponding steps, the specific content is as follows:

1. The chips are in powder form: the chips of the cutting wheel are in powder form, and the wear of the tool is in the form of back cutter face wear, mainly bearing the wear of the grinding wheel abrasive. With the traditional turning tools, the noise can also be effectively reduced, the grinding wheel working environment has been further improved, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of workers.

2. The edge of the grinding wheel is easy to collapse when it cuts in and out, and the edge is easy to collapse when cutting the China high efficient grinding disc with a tool with a larger main deviation angle. When the feed rate is 1 ~ 1.5mm, no edge collapse occurs.

3. Low cutting force and cutting temperature: the composite sheet has high thermal conductivity, which is 1.5-9 times that of cemented carbide and 2-6 times that of copper, so that the temperature in the cutting zone can be transmitted quickly. Therefore, the temperature of cutting resin bonded or ceramic bonded grinding wheels with composite cutting tools is many times lower than that of cutting metals.

Above three aspects summarized the high efficient metal abrasive disc in the cutting process need to pay attention to matters, so we should pay attention to these summaries, in the future this link can be referred to, only standardize the operation of these links, in order to reduce the future use of unusable phenomena, so in the future production special attention.