What Is The Development Of The Abrasives Industry?


With the development of technology and the increasing demand for the abrasives industry, the abrasives industry has become a large industry, almost applied to all aspects of our production. The use of abrasives makes various abrasives an indispensable tool for industrial production and processing. Its use involves a wide range. Abrasives have only two functions: one is cutting, such as the use of green cutting disc; the second is Grinding and polishing, such as the use of grinding wheels. Today, the aurora abrasives will tell you about the development of the abrasives industry in China.

Abrasives industry is a relatively special industry. Abrasives products are consumables themselves. They are industrial consumables. Energy conservation and emission reduction are mainly reflected in abrasive smelting. At present, domestic brown fused alumina has overcapacity. If it does not meet the requirements of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, it will focus on eliminating the backward production capacity of the brown corundum industry.

As a high-quality enterprise in Henan abrasives industry, Henan Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd. has learned that since the implementation of the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, it has brought new opportunities for the development of China’s abrasives industry, but at the same time Bringing challenges, as an advanced representative of the abrasives industry, our company applies advanced production modes such as energy saving, emission reduction and clean production to the abrasive production industry. Our company is seeking new breakthroughs through technological innovation and research and development of new products. Strive to bring more contributions to China’s economic development, and we will walk with it in the future.