What do you need to know when using a green cutting disc?


With the development of the cutting disc industry, there are many cutting chip manufacturers on the market, each manufacturer’s production technology is different, and the produced cutting disc is also different. Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD green cutting disc uses glass fiber and resin as the reinforcing bonding material, which has a high tensile, impact and bending strength. It is widely used in cutting stainless steel angle iron, aluminum alloy copper and other metals. It has the advantages of small slitting, high precision, high strength, quick work efficiency, good surface quality, no blackening, and no burr, and is well received by users.

Green cutting disc use instructions:

1. The speed of use shall not exceed the safe working line speed of the specified cutting disc.

2. The cutting disc must have a protective cover that meets the requirements. Do not use excessive force when processing the material.

3. Due to the poor chemical stability of the green cutting disc, it should be protected against freezing, moisture, collision and high temperature above 50 degrees.

4. Before installing the cutting disc on the spindle, check whether the machine is running normally, whether there is crack or deformation. After installing the spindle, it must be rotated for at least two minutes before starting work.

5. The cutting disc has poor alkali resistance. In the case of strong alkali corrosion, the structure is easily destroyed and reduced. The hardness, strength, and coolant used in the user should not contain more than 1.5% of basic substances.