The Ways To Increase The Strength Of The Cutting Disc


The development and extensive use of the abrasives industry has gradually led to the development of the cutting disc industry. Now the cutting disc also have a certain market position in the Chinese market. More and more users are also preferred to cut when selecting cutting equipment. sheet. However, some users will find that the strength of the cutting disc is not strong when it is used for a while. Why? How do you increase the strength of the cutting disc when the user encounters this situation? Today, the Aurora abrasive grinding tool takes the super thin 115mm cutting disc as an example to give you a total of all.

(1) Pre-mixing the filler, which is beneficial to its uniform dispersion around the cutting disc .

(2) According to the interface surface theory, the improvement of the interface condition between the dicing sheet and the bonding agent shows that the dicing disc is heated and pretreated and then mixed with other materials to improve the surface energy of the dicing sheet, so that the dicing sheet and the dicing sheet The bonding strength between the abrasives is greatly enhanced.

(3) The cutting performance and strength of the cutting disc made by this process are significantly improved compared with the cutting disc made by the traditional process.

(4) The data of the test of the cutting disc was processed by the orthogonal experiment method. It can be seen from the analysis results that the vacuum degree has a significant influence on the performance of the cutting disc during the pretreatment of the cutting disc.

The phenolic resin binder has good plasticity and ductility and is suitable for manufacturing cutting blades of various specifications. The small thickness of the ultra-thin cutting blade for slotting is 0.2~0.1mm, which is a key tool for machining. The above are some methods for improving the strength of the cutting disc, I hope to help everyone.