What Are The Components Of The High Quality Grinding Disc


high quality grinding disc

Many users are very skilled in the use of the high quality grinding disc. They have mastered a series of processes, but they don’t know much about their composition. In fact, understanding its structure is very helpful for its use, which can help us to carry out specific ceramic cutting and glass cutting. Waiting for work. Its composition structure is divided into three parts: the working layer, matrix and transition layer.

1. The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, consists of abrasives, binders, and fillers and is the working part of China grinding abrasive disc.
2. The transition layer of the diamond grinding wheel, also known as the non-diamond layer, consists of a binder, a metal powder, and a filler, and is a portion that firmly bonds the diamond layer to the substrate.
3. The base body is used to support the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped on the spindle of the grinding machine by a flange when in use. Generally, the metal bond product is selected from steel and alloy steel powder as the matrix; the resin bond is selected from aluminum alloy and bakelite as the matrix. It is made of aluminum, steel or bakelite and functions as a supporting working layer and a chucking tool.

During the working process of the high quality grinding disc, the quality of the processed product has a great relationship with the accuracy of its own use. If the precision is high, plus the good substrate, the produced product is better, so we have to choose the grinding wheel with high precision.