Vietnam Shows The Great Compliment Of The Aurora Service


Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd is the professional abrasive tools manufacturer since 1992. The product quality and the customer experience are always what we focused on.

Recently during the communication between the Vietnam customer and us, we are an honor to receive the great compliment from the newly developed customer. During the long negotiation, we truly believe that the customer has the strong determination on the cutting disc distribution, while for the new business, he has a long way to go and obviously need the help.

On the first stage, we discussed the quality. Knowing that this is the first time he makes the distributor, we finally confirm the samples by two solutions which are made by the different quality and pricing level. The customer is so glad that receive so many customized services. It is a good start for our cooperation.

Aurora Abrasive Co is always strict on the quality control and the customized service. Providing with the customized quotation based on our experience during the past decade. Such as customized metal cutting disc.

You are welcomed to send us an interesting question and inquire freely.