Vietnam Samples Have Arrived At Customer’s Local Place


Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd has been developing on the cutting and grinding disc and China abrasive tools for metal production since 1992. During the communication with our customers, we are always professional and provided with the customized service.

For the samples to the customer in Vietnam, during the preparation of the disc, we sent two different quality by express service. One is the quality that we suggested based on our experience on the Asian market; the other is the lowest quality which is at the best price for the customer, as the demand.

When the samples are ready, we also printed and attached the sample list and commercial invoice into the express. And also send the copy by email. According to the customer, the express has now arrived at his local place and will be collected tomorrow.

Customer will test the sample and compare with local brands to see if our products are acceptable for them. The samples are believed to be the high quality at the local market.

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