Vibration Problem Of The Cutting Disc


In the dressing of the grinding wheel, it is essential to effectively reduce the vibration, avoid leaving traces on the surface of the China cutting disc for metal, colliding and damaging the dressing tool. This means that the balance of the grinding wheel must also be maintained, which is determined by the structural characteristics of the grinding wheel itself. The uneven density and the geometry of the entire grinding wheel can affect the inherent balance of a grinding wheel. Therefore, it is also important to choose a high quality grinding wheel.
If it is a high-quality grinding wheel, it can maintain a good balance of the grinding wheel only by proper installation. According to the manufacturer’s instructions from the grinding wheel manufacturer, the grinding wheel is marked with an upward arrow indicating the light end orientation of the grinding wheel after rough balancing. The user can then follow the arrows to pay attention to the dressing wheel to achieve dynamic balance. The coolant is evenly filled and sometimes helps the wheel to maintain balance.
In order to further avoid vibration, it is necessary to ensure that the dressing tool is firmly clamped on the holder and maintain a minimum amount of overhang to ensure sufficient rigidity of the dressing tool. If the diamond tool is not clamped securely, it can cause vibration, generate noise, create ripples on the surface of the part, strain the surface of the part and damage the dressing tool.

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A super-hard abrasive wheel must be shaped and sharpened before it begins to grind. Following the experience presented in this article will help your aluminum flat cutting disc produce the most abrasive results.
How to deal with stone seams when cutting a disc of stone
The cutting of stone generally requires professional machines and cutting disc to carry out. When using cutting sheets to cut stone, how to deal with stone joints? It should be known that the seam processing is not good and it is easy to cause stone damage during later use. To this end, Shandong cutting film manufacturers introduce professional knowledge to everyone.
First determine the width of the stone to be cut, select the suitable cutting disc, and then confirm the thickness of the stone to adjust the height of the cutting disc; then use the wooden line to pull the line, the cutting machine cuts the stone seam cis, if the cutting surface has jagged scratches, Please immediately replace the new cutting disc, and finally use the vacuum cleaner to clean the garbage, then use a semi-wet towel to remove the dust. After waiting for about half an hour, you can fill the gap with the adjusted stone sealant. Say people often say the seaming treatment, seamless processing.  disc