The Importance Of Grinding Disc Cooling


high quality grinding disc

Why is the cooling of the high quality grinding disc important?

The progress of industrialization has promoted the development of the times. The more and more high-tech products came into being. In the hardware industry, the finishing pens were gradually replaced by dressing discs. Our company is developing more and more in the diamond high quality grinding disc series. Well, after working with the high quality grinding disc and the grinding disc, it is important to cool the diamond disc. This problem is also important to protect the grinding disc and extend their life.

In the production of difficult and complicated workpieces, because the speed is relatively high, the heat generated is relatively large. How to cool is also very important. The coolant nozzle is a necessary design. If the coolant leaves the nozzle, it is not directly accurate. Contact point, then there will be an incalculable serious consequence in the working process of the high quality grinding disc, so we should put the coolant as close as possible to the circumferential speed of the high quality grinding disc and the contact point of the cooling, in the dressing line, coolant The nozzle must be installed because it is relatively important for the liquid between the contact points. Between the grinding disc table and the high quality grinding disc, in the direction of the disc rotation, the optimized design of the cooling nozzle, controlling the cooling nozzle is a very important link, otherwise, there will be immeasurable benefits.

The above describes the cooling process of the high quality grinding disc in the production process is also very important, so the cooling system is also related to the life of the grinding disc and the safety of the operators.