The Functions And Uses Of The Cutting Disc


With the development of cutting disc, the cutting disc is now being used more and more widely, and are also popular among users in the market. So what are the specific applications of the cutting disc now? Today, I will introduce you to the role and use of 115 golden star cutting disc.

115 golden star cutting disc are commonly used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., and can also be used in iron decoration and equipment repair of modern houses and factories. The cutting disc is made of high-strength resin and preferred special abrasives, which allow large linear speeds, exceeding 50 m / s, which are not easy to be brittle. The cutting is sharp, the cutting heat is very small, the heat of the sample is shallow, and then the interference is reduced as much as possible.

Many real cutting disc hardnesses are now the primary features of the resolution abrasive function. Superhard abrasives have extremely high hardness, so they can process all kinds of high hardness materials, especially those that are difficult to process with popular abrasives.

The grinding temperature of the cutting disc is low, which can greatly improve the appearance quality of the workpiece to be processed, prevent the parts from cracking, burning, and structural transformation. It also greatly improves the stress condition of the surface of the part, which is beneficial to the service life of the part. Extend to improve overall economic goals.

The above is the introduction of some of the role and use of the cutting disc, I hope to help you better use and select the cutting disc.