The Factors Affect The Process Effect Of The Cutting Piece?


With the development of cutting sheets, cutting sheets are now used in the production of various industries. The cutting sheets are also popular among users due to their unique technical characteristics and advantages. Speaking of the cutting piece, most users know more or less about it, but when it comes to the effect of the cutting piece, many users are not very impressed. So what are the factors that affect the process effect of the cutting piece? Today, the Aurora Abrasives are told by green cutting disc.

The cutting speed of the cutting piece is the feeding speed of the sawed stone. Its speed affects the sawing rate, the force of the saw blade and the heat dissipation of the sawing area. Its value should be selected according to the nature of the sawed stone. The sawing of the fine-grained, relatively homogeneous granite can increase the feed speed appropriately. If the feed speed is too low, the diamond blade is easily soothed. However, when sawing a coarse-grained structure with uneven hardness, the cutting speed of the cutting piece should be reduced. Otherwise, the saw blade vibrates and the diamond is broken and the sawing rate is lowered.

In addition to the green cutting piece, the cutting piece is divided into the diamond cutting piece. There are two kinds of a diamond cutting piece for you to choose. They use different abrasive grain adhesives – one cutting piece is made of metal adhesive and the other is made of metal. The phenolic plastic binder is used. Both cutting blades can be used for cutting very hard materials. Metallic binders are suitable for materials with higher brittleness, such as ceramics and phenolic binders, which are suitable for cutting materials similar to cemented carbide. CBN cutting wheels are available in phenolic plastics only and are suitable for cutting very hard ferrous materials such as white cast iron.