The Era Of E-commerce In The Abrasives Industry


In abrasive abrasives, cutting and polishing products such as cutting blades, grinding wheels and polishing blades are widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, mining, building materials, communication electronics, etc., and are the basis of modern industrial manufacturing. However, for a long time, the sales channels for T41 4 inches cutting disc size and polishing products are very simple and limited. They collect customer information through industry exhibitions and conferences, or establish corporate websites and enter the b2b platform, and wait for buyers to contact.

With the development of the times, the general sinking of industry channels and the transformation of the purchasing methods of the new generation of the main purchasers, “online shopping” has gradually become one of the promotion methods selected by some enterprises in the abrasives industry. Some enterprises have invested in the establishment of an independent shopping mall. After careful maintenance and promotion, the results have been obvious.

Abrasives Mall website’s industry products are highly targeted, with a variety of abrasives and peripheral related products, becoming a professional grinding products supplier, the main brands and products can include: 3M scouring pad, 8 Series polishing wax water, 618 water sandpaper, back pile sand disc, steel paper grinding disc, resin EN12413 cutting discs, grinding wheel piece, hundred-page piece, diamond saw blade, hundred-page piece, handle wheel, thousand-page wheel, nylon wheel, nylon More than ten types of grinding products such as grinding discs and other brands of sandpaper, abrasive belts, wool wheels, polishing waxes, polishing sands, cloth wheels, hemp wheels, and grinding heads.

The marketing of the mall platform is a kind of e-commerce, and the application of e-commerce is an inevitable trend because modern society needs a wider range of information sources, more convenient trading platforms, and more economical operating costs. Of course, we have to face up to the fact that the use of the mall is unlikely to bring us great benefits overnight. The process in the same period requires hard work, hard work, and sweat, as well as the pressure of failure.

Along with the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum flat cutting disc industry, the abrasives and malls trading platform has created a brand-new business model, effectively integrating social resources and industrial resources, and successfully built a leading domestic direct sales platform for abrasives. Industrial product procurement has become easier! The era of e-commerce in the abrasives industry has quietly arrived.

e commerce in the abrasives industry