The Component Of T41 Green Cutting Disc Size?


The development of the cutting disc industry has led to a variety of cutting disc equipment on the market. The T41 green cutting disc size is the cutting disc equipment that many users will choose now. How much do you know about this equipment? How much do you know about its components? Today, Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD will introduce you to the components of the equipment.

The T41 green cutting disc is one of the cutting discs for foreign trade grinding discs, usually 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm thick. Most customers place more than 1mm cutting discs.

The component of the equipment is more than 90% of the brown fused alumina component, so it is also called alumina. Henan Aurora Abrasives specializes in the production of foreign trade all kinds of materials, various specifications of cutting disc grinding, in the selection and processing, work rigorous and serious, advanced technology, product praise is extremely high. The products have been used in several countries, and the quality of the products has reached EN certification and has a certificate.

A good cutting disc is not only required to cut fast and cut but also to consider the safety, that is, the strength of the grinding wheel. If the process wheel is easily broken, it is not a qualified product. Aurora adopts self-produced mesh cloth, which greatly improves safety performance. In similar products, the cost performance is extremely high.