The Characteristics Of The Cutting Disc


For the use of cutting discs, we believe that we all sound familiar, and now the cutting sheets are used more and more in our production, playing an important role in the abrasives industry. Although everyone is familiar with it, what do you know about the material of the cutting disc? Today, Aurora Abrasives will tell you about it.

For the super thin 115mm cutting disc we often use, there are many kinds, such as common brown fused alumina, white corundum, silicon carbide, in these materials, silicon carbide is hard, and brown fused alumina hardness It is weak, so let’s give you a detailed introduction of the characteristics of the material of the cutting disc.

1.Brown corundum: using bauxite and coke as the main raw materials, which are smelted by high temperature in an electric arc furnace. The abrasive tools made of it are suitable for grinding high tensile resistance metals, such as various general steels. Malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc., can also be made of advanced refractory materials. It has high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low coefficient of linear expansion and corrosion resistance.

2. White corundum: industrial alumina powder as raw material, in the arc after more than 2000 degrees high-temperature smelting and cooling, after crushing and shaping, magnetic separation of iron, sieve into a variety of particle size, its texture is dense, high hardness, grain It is formed into a sharp angle and is suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, resin-bonded abrasives, as well as grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting etc., and can also be used to manufacture advanced refractory materials.

3.Silicon carbide: quartz sand, petroleum coke, wood chips as raw materials through the resistance furnace high-temperature smelting. In contemporary C, N, B and other non-oxide high-tech refractory raw materials, silicon carbide is widely used, economical one Kind. Can be called gold steel sand or refractory sand.

The above is the material of the cutting piece introduced by the Aurora Abrasives Factory today. We can understand the different materials. The material of the stainless steel cutting piece has different characteristics. I hope to help everyone!

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