The Characteristics And Application Of The Cutting Disc


In the abrasives industry, the use and development of cutting discs can be said to be more extensive. As a new type of cutting tool, in practical applications, it has been widely used in some industries. Through continuous practice, Aurora Abrasives summarizes some of the characteristics of this cutting blade in practical applications. Here is an example of a 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc.

The Characteristics And Application Of The Cutting Disc?

(1) Selecting the plating method Welding the cutting piece The composite tooth saw blade is completed at normal room temperature and does not cause any thermal damage to the diamond and the saw blade base. The strength of the diamond is also unaffected, and the saw blade base is not deformed, ensuring the overall quality of the saw blade.

(2) The welded diamond composite teeth manufactured by the electroplating method are very firm until the diamond composite teeth are used up and the teeth are not lost, and the cutting sheets have stable and reliable performance.

(3) It is convenient to adjust the performance of the cutting disc. Adjusting the compound carcass formula, or adjusting the specifications of the compound teeth, or adjusting the distance between the teeth and the teeth, can achieve the purpose of adjusting the performance of the saw blade.

The above are some of the application features that the cutting piece often encounters in use. I hope these features can help you better use the cutting disc.