The Characteristics Of The Cutting Disc In The Grinding Process


The cutting disc is used as a cutting device commonly used in the abrasives industry. Its use not only brings great convenience to users but also improves production efficiency. As we all know, the cutting disc is the most important type of grinding tool in the grinding process. The cutting disc is a porous body which is made by adding a binder to the abrasive, and is compacted, dried and calcined. Due to different abrasives, binders, and manufacturing processes, The characteristics of the cutting discs are very different, so it has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity, and economy of the grinding. So how much do you know about the use characteristics of the cutting disc? Today, the Aurora Abrasives will tell you about China cut off the disc.

Since the cutting disc is us

July operated at high speed, the slewing test, and static balance test should be carried out before use. After the cutting disc has been in operation for a period of time, it should be trimmed to restore the grinding performance and the correct geometry. Since the cutting disc itself is very high Hardness and heat resistance, so grinding can process high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, etc. The characteristics of the cutting disc and grinding machine determine the grinding process system can be used for uniform micro-cutting, generally ap= 0.001~0.005mm; the grinding speed is very high, generally up to v=30~50m/s, the grinding machine has good rigidity and adopts hydraulic transmission, so the grinding can economically obtain high machining precision (IT6~IT5) and small surface Roughness (Ra = 0.8 ~ 0.2m). Grinding is one of the main methods of finishing parts.

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