The Brief Introduction On The Special Requirement Of Qatar Market


Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd has been the profession abrasive manufacturer for 26 years till this year. We are capable for all sized cutting disc and grinding wheel from 4″ to 16″, and we also provide with the customized service on the cutting and grinding disc according to the different demand for each market.

Qatar market is the special market in the mid-east region. For the cutting disc, the shape will be flat in most of the world of any size, and for high quality grinding disc the shape will be depressed. While during the discussion, our technicians demand the pictures from the customer in Qatar. Finally, we know that in the Qatar market, they demand some sizes made in the depressed shape, but they are for cutting.

For the cutting disc manufacturing, our factory has a long history as well as the rich experience for many markets including the Europe and North America market. We are always doing the best we can to support our customer and make the win-win cooperation.

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