The Advantages Of Using The Cutting Disc


With the development of the cutting blade industry, the development of ultra-thin cutting blades is in full swing, and the use of cutting blades is also very extensive, which makes the cutting chip manufacturers on the market very much. So there are so many cutting blades on the market. How do manufacturers choose when choosing a cutting disc? How can I choose a good cutting disc? Today, the aurora abrasive tool will tell you about the advantages of using the super thin 115mm cutting disc.

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD has been engaged in cutting sheets and other products for many years. The cutting disc products produced by the company are strictly in accordance with IOS9002 national standards. All performance indexes have reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad, and have been widely applied to carbon steel, cast iron, Angle iron, diamond, channel steel, stainless steel, throttle wire, brake wire, and other metal materials, cutting, slotting and other purposes. The cutting blades produced by our company have the following advantages:

1. The cutting disc has the function of air cooling, which can obviously avoid the phenomenon that the working surface is heated and burnt.

2. The softness of the cutting disc can be applied to the grinding and cutting work of the curved work, and the working edge is smoothed while removing the burrs of the working surface.

3. The cutting disc is not stuffed, can play a good grinding, cutting efficiency, safety, sharp, wear-resistant, non-heating, non-burning, power saving, labor saving, time-saving, high efficiency and economical and practical.

4. In order to meet the customer’s requirements for non-standard, you can customize all kinds of cutting disc according to the customer’s drawings or samples, price concessions, quality assurance.