Summary Of Maintenance Knowledge Of Grinding Tools?


With the development of the abrasives industry, grinding tools are increasingly popular among users as grinding equipment commonly used in the market. Users who have used grinding tools know that grinding tools are mechanical equipment, mechanical parts are metal components and long-term use. Wear and tear, if the daily maintenance work is done, it can reduce the damage of the parts and increase the service life of the grinding tools. So how can we use the grinding tools to better maintain them? Today, Aurora uses China abrasive tools for metal for letting me explain to you.

1. During the cleaning process of the metal grinding tool, it should be noted that the bolts of each joint are found to be complete. Whether it is loose or not.

2. Clean the metal grinding tool. First, clean the inside and outside of the grinding tool accessories. The joints of the body, grinding ring, motor, belt, gear, etc., and all the places that can be cleaned should be cleaned up.

3. The failure of the grinding tool equipment into a table, whether it is old problems or new problems, must be easy to difficult, and all excluded.

4. After the maintenance and repair, place the mechanical equipment in the hangar.

5. Before starting the grinding equipment, check the whole machine, whether the oil, parts, etc. are missing. It is necessary to replace it in time. For machines that have been deactivated for a long time, new faults may occur, which are excluded before use and cannot be used for sickness.

The above points are the maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the grinding tools, hoping to help everyone better use the grinding equipment.