Simple Analysis Of How To Improve The Efficiency Of Cutting Disc?


A cutting disc is a processing tool used in industrial activities. The cutting disc is very sharp and wear-resistant and has a long service life, so it is widely used. When we use the cutting disc, we hope to improve its working efficiency. Next, the Aurora abrasive tool manufacturer will use 4 1/2 super thin cutting disc as an example to show how to improve the working efficiency of the cutting disc.

The working efficiency of the cutting disc is related to the strength of the wrapping, the material size, and concentration of the material selected for the cutting head. The higher the diamond concentration selected for the cutting disc, the greater the average density of the diamond on the working surface of the cutting disc, the higher the wear resistance of the cutting disc and the longer the service life.

How to improve the working efficiency of the cutting disc? The cutting disc is just like the common kitchen knife. It will inevitably become dull after a long time. Another reason is that the sharpness of the cutting piece itself is not good. If the cutting disc is not sharp, it can be properly sanded, but it can’t be sanded at will. You need to use special grinding tools or contact the manufacturer directly. It is inevitable that the cutting piece will become dull for a long time, but if a sharp blade is selected, the blunt time can be delayed.