Short Introduction To The Steel Plate Grinding Wheel


Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd. is a professional abrasive manufacturer on the cutting disc and grinding disc for over 26 years´╝îsuch as free sample cutting disc. Considering the requirement from some shipping company, we are here offering a short introduction on the steel plate grinding disc which is particularly used on the ship.

Features: The steel paper sanding disc is a sheet-shaped abrasive tool made of steel paper as the base and consolidated with abrasive resin on the base.

Applying: cutting, removing paint, removing burrs, grinding welds, polishing, etc. on various profiles of metal and non-metal materials. The steel plate grinding disc is widely used in shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, chemical building materials, stone, machinery, furniture, instrumentation, and bridge and construction industries.

This product is especially suitable for shipyards to use high-speed pneumatic tools to debarring, solder joints and other preferred consumables.

Advantage: Good polishing effect, used for grinding and grinding of welds and burrs, can be used in very small spaces.

steel plate grinding wheel