Short Introduction About Zhengzhou City About It’s Influence On the Abrasive Field


Zhengzhou city is one of the most famous cities of the abrasive fabrication base. The diamond raw and auxiliary materials have a market share of 30% in the national market; the annual output of diamond materials is 720 million carats, accounting for more than 30% of the national total; the output of cubic boron nitride materials ranks second in the world, accounting for 80% of the national total; annual output of diamond micro powder is about 120 million carats, accounting for 60% of the national total; special production equipment for super-hard materials accounts for about 80% of the market share, and the new product market is continuously strengthened with the continuous improvement of the sales network.

At present, Zhengzhou has formed a national super hard material information, research, and development, engineering technology, testing and talent training center with Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute and the Henan University of Technology as the main body. In addition, the national standardization technology center, national product quality supervision and inspection center, industry information center, national “superhard materials, and products productivity promotion center” and superhard material database of the industry are located in Zhengzhou.

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