Several Polishing Abrasives For Cutting Discs?


With the development of the abrasives industry, abrasive abrasives are now widely used in various industries, especially in the cutting disc industry. Since the development of the cutting disc, it has been widely used in the industry, especially when machining high-precision or low-roughness parts or particularly hard parts. After the cutting disc has been used for a period of time, it is often polished to maintain its working efficiency. What are the polishing abrasives for the cutting disc? Today, take the T41 4 inches cutting disc size as an example to give you a brief summary.

1.Chromium Oxide: The polishing ability is weaker than that of alumina, which can be used as a polishing sample for steel cutting discs.

2.Magnesium oxide: Low hardness, very fine particles, sharp shape, and good grinding edge. It is more suitable for the polishing of aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals and alloy samples. It has a small effect on the non-metallic inclusions in steel samples, so it is particularly suitable for inclusion inspection and polishing of cast iron graphite samples.

3.Diamond: Very high hardness, the shape of the particles is sharp and sharp, and it has a good grinding effect for materials with different hardness. For the alloy samples with different phases of soft and hard disparity, the polishing effect is better. In addition, the abrasive equipment such as the diamond polishing cutting disc has a long service life and a high cutting ability, so that the abrasive consumption is small, and at the same time, the deformation surface of the sample surface is substantially not generated.

The above are several kinds of polishing abrasives that we often see in our daily life. By knowing more about these polishing abrasives, when you choose polishing abrasives, you can choose the suitable polishing abrasive according to your own needs. I hope the above information can help you better choose polishing abrasive products.