Safety Use Of Cutting Disc


In order to ensure the safety of the operator and improve the production efficiency of the cutting disc, when using the cutting disc, it is necessary to use the cutting disc safely. What are the methods for safely using the cutting disc? Today, the Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD is explained to everyone. How to safely use the T41 4 inches cutting disc size.

1. Operators should wear protective goggles, masks, earplugs, gloves, and dustproof clothing;

2. When using the cutting disc, the cutting disc is only allowed to be used for single disc installation. It is strictly forbidden to use two discs or more discs at the same time;

3. It is recommended to use the cutting disc for one minute before using the cutting disc. When replacing the cutting disc of the new variety, please idle for three minutes before using it;

4. The speed of use shall not exceed the working line speed specified by the trademark of the cutting disc. When using a pneumatic grinding machine, it is necessary to prevent the unstable air pressure from causing the cutting disc to exceed the high speed;

5. If the inner diameter of the slice is small and the device does not match, do not change the hole diameter of the grinding wheel by yourself;

6. The storage time is one year. If the time exceeds the time, the rotary inspection should be carried out again. After confirming the qualified, it can be used. When using the cutting disc, it is necessary to make a sudden force. If the force is too strong, it will easily stop. The phenomenon of jamming and crushing the cutting disc occurs. If it is stuck, the cutting disc should be lifted immediately to prevent the cutting disc from burning out or being broken.