Production And Development Of China Abrasive Tools For Metal


After years of development, China’s abrasives industry has formed an industrial system with considerable scale and complete categories. Although the industry is small, its application fields are extremely extensive and penetrate into all walks of life. At the same time, abrasive abrasive products are one of the important export commodities in the machine tool industry, generating a large amount of foreign exchange for the country. Therefore, the abrasives industry is one of the industries that have made important contributions to the development of China’s national economy. Therefore, there are more and more manufacturers of abrasives on the market. Among them, Henan Aurora Abrasives, as a professional manufacturer of China abrasive tools for metal, plays an important role in the market.
With the continuous innovation of scientific and technological progress, China has become a major producer of abrasives and abrasives in the world.
Abrasives as a component of the machine tool, although the proportion of its machine tool structure is small, the role cannot be replaced. In recent years, the national abrasives have made great achievements, and it has become an important leader in the national machine tool to break the foreign monopoly.
The development of shipbuilding and aerospace industry is an important indicator of a country’s comprehensive national strength. Some high-tech abrasives and abrasive products are playing an important role in these fields. Domestically produced products gradually replace imported products, and their functions are no less than or even superior to those of foreign countries.
Although we have made major breakthroughs in many fields of abrasives, from the overall point of view, the high-end of abrasive abrasives in China is comparable to the world’s advanced level. There is still a big gap, so we need manufacturers to improve production technology as soon as possible. The development of large abrasives products.

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