Preventive Measures For Cutting Disc Breaking Accident Ⅰ


Cutting disc breaking will not only causes death or serious injury but also causes serious damage to the workshop. Although the manufacturer has taken various precautions, the cutting disc may wear or break under the careless operation.

metal cutting grinding

Followings are the tips for the prevention:

1. During the transportation and the storage
During transportation and storage, if the phenolic resin-bonded cutting disc got wet, the strength will be reduced; the free sample cutting disc is very sensitive to temperature; the uneven moisture absorption page will make the disc out of balance. Therefore during transporting and storage the grinding wheel, it must be carefully placed in a dry and cool position to keep the disc in a normal state.

2. Crack checking
Check cutting disc to make sure it is dry and undamaged. The usual way is to tap the disc gently with a mallet and the complete ceramic wheel will make a crisp sound. For suspicious grinding wheels, it should not be put into use.

Metal Cutting Saw

3. Cutting disc installation
The cutting disc may get a break or serious injury if installed in the inappropriate machine. The spindle must get a suitable diameter. Otherwise, the disc could split at the center with a too-big spindle.

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