Preventive Measures For Cutting Disc Breaking Accident Ⅱ


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cutting disc damaged

Followings are the tips for the prevention:

4. Cutting disc testing

Before the new patch of cutting disc being put into use, they need to be tested at full speed. People should watch the test process carefully and note the record to finish the report.

5. Comply with the specified highest speed

The cutting disc should work below the permitted highest rotation speed. The cutting machine will show the allowed highest, pick the super thin 115mm cutting disc with the suitable speed. The disc itself will also show the highest working speed on the surface. Otherwise, the disc may get a bad performance or even break and hurt the workers.

6. Wear the protective uniform

The protective uniform should get enough strength to resist when disc breaking. When the disc is working, there will be possibly some small broken pieces flying around you. At high speed, even small pieces could hurt the human body. The uniform will protect you from the small part and keep you safe under the correct operation.