New Cutting Disc Order From Malaysia


Henan Aurora Abrasive Co., Ltd. got the new order of the 105*1.2*16 cutting disc (4 inches) from Malaysia. It shows our success in the customer developing of the Malaysia market. It is our great honor that the customer places the order at a big quantity. The goods are planned to be finished in production within 15 days.

It is important that you can make an accurate and effective quotation to the customer at any time. Even if there are changes in some aspects of the product, you can calculate the cost of the new product according to the price of materials you know and the processing required. When the customer finds that you can make an accurate quotation for any product right away, he can imagine his admiration for your professionalism.

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD is located in Zhengzhou, an international metropolis with rich resources, convenient transportation, and long history. We are always willing to offer our customers the best service.

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