Reasons For The Deformation Of Grinding Wheel


long life grinding wheel

The reasons for the deformation of the long life grinding wheel during production are as follows:
1. Uneven mixing is easy to deform the grinding wheel
A. Select a suitable liquid and powder phenolic resin.
B. Add a dust remover when the mixture is dry.
C. Add a moisture absorbent when wet.
D. When the amount of the powdery additive is large or the density difference is large, pre-wet is used, or the order of feeding the upper and lower pots of the mixing pot is adjusted.

2. The deformation of the mesh causes the long life grinding wheel to deform
A. It is unreasonable to solve the yarn for the warp and weft of the mesh fabric.
B. Solve the problem of deformation of the mesh impregnated cloth.
C. Solve the activity and stability of the mesh impregnated.