Introduction To The Process Of Manufacturing The Cutting Disc


As the most widely used cutting device, the cutting disc has brought great benefits to the cutting of our industrial equipment, so many users now choose cutting blades as cutting equipment when cutting. In order to better use the cutting disc and realize the orderly arrangement of the abrasive blades of the cutting blade, in the research of the professional, the equipment is used for multiple tests, and the manufacturing process suitable for the orderly arrangement of the cutting disc of abrasive is developed, and the traditional Compared with the integrally sintered diamond cutting disc, the abrasively ordered cutting disc increases the orderly arrangement process of the diamond abrasive in the manufacturing process. Today, the Aurora Abrasives tool will tell you about the process of the T41 4 inches cutting disc size.

(1) Putting the cutting disc substrate into the cold-pressed abrasive tool for trial installation. After confirming, the edge layer carcass powder, the road cutting piece powder, and the middle layer carcass powder are sequentially put into the cavity according to the press molding process. Perform a pre-pressing operation. Finally, it is sent into a press machine of a specified tonnage for press forming, and after press forming, the mold is unloaded and the cuttingĀ disc body is taken out.

(2) Selecting a plurality of metal powders that meet the technical conditions and process requirements, and preparing a plurality of metal powders according to a certain ratio, respectively, the edge layer carcass powder and the middle layer carcass powder, respectively, according to the corresponding mixing process Mix evenly, add the qualified substrate and decontaminate and decrease the substrate.

The above is the process of manufacturing the cutting disc for everyone, I hope to help everyone, can better use the cutting disc.

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