The Development Characteristics Of Abrasives In China?


The rapid development of the abrasives industry has made many businesses want to enter this industry. To enter the industry smoothly, we must first understand the industry and understand the development trend of the industry in the near future and future development. So what is the development of the abrasives industry in China in recent years? Today, China grinding disc manufacturer Aurora Abrasives will give you a simple analysis.

1. According to the statistics of major enterprises in the industry, the industrial added value increased by 4.43%, an increase of 1.07 percentage points over the previous year; the industrial sales value increased by 0.93%, and the growth rate dropped by 2.36 percentage points year-on-year;

2. The output of abrasive grinding wheel is about 500,000 tons, the output of ceramic grinding wheel is about 300,000 tons, and the grinding tool is up 9.88%. The amount of resin grinding wheel increases, the output increases by 17.35%, and the ceramic grinding wheel decreases by 4.75%. The grinding wheel decreased by 8.42% year-on-year, and the grinding stone decreased by 2.81%;

3. The main abrasive products increased by a large margin year-on-year. In 2017, the output of brown corundum was about 1.55 million tons, about 250,000 tons of white corundum, about 250,000 tons of green silicon carbide, about 650,000 tons of black silicon carbide, and 11.63% of brown corundum. White corundum decreased by 26.45% year-on-year, and the amount of green silicon carbide recovered sand decreased by 15.27% year-on-year, and black silicon carbide increased by 0.38% year-on-year.

The above is about the development of abrasives in recent years. I hope that these contents can help you better understand the development of abrasives and better help your choice.

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