How To Properly Install The Grinding Wheel


Grinding wheel installation precautions. Proper installation of the grinding wheel can effectively reduce the accident rate, extend the service life of the China cutting disc for metal, protect the grinding wheel machine and protect the workpiece.

Wheel safety quality inspection
Whether the appearance of the grinding wheel is damaged or not damaged; tapping the side with a small hardwood strip, the sound is crisp and there is no problem. If there is a dumb sound, the grinding wheel cannot be used.

Grinder positioning matters
The location of the grinder is the first thing to consider. First, choose the appropriate grinder seat. The installation opening of the grinder must not face the other equipment and personnel. The general large-scale workshop has a special grinder room. If there is no special grinder room, a 1.5m high protective plate should be installed on the front side of the grinder.

Grinding wheel balance
The wrong installation and the imbalance of the grinding wheel itself make the center of gravity of the grinding wheel not coincide with the bearing and cause the imbalance of the grinding wheel. The unfavorable consequences are: the vibration of the grinding wheel generated during high-speed operation, which tends to cause scratches on the surface of the workpiece; the second is to aggravate the vibration and wear of the spindle, which may cause the grinding wheel to burst and cause an accident. In order to comply with such safety requirements, a chuck with a diameter of at least 200 mm is required, and a static balance test is performed before the grinding wheel is operated. If the grinding wheel after the use is still unbalanced, the static balance needs to be detected again.

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Chuck match
Refers to whether the chuck and the grinding wheel match. According to the standard specification, the diameter of the installed chuck is larger than 1/3 of the diameter of the installed grinding wheel, and when the grinding wheel is used for a period of time, it should be removed to a diameter of not less than 10 mm when the diameter of the chuck is not less than 10 mm. With the new grinding wheel, the matching problem between the chuck and the grinding wheel is created. If the matching problem is not handled well, the Malaysian (grinding wheel) pulls the pony (chuck) to waste equipment materials; the pony (grinding wheel) pulls the Malaysian (chuck) is not safe and may cause an accident. A good matching chuck and grinding wheel can improve the efficiency of equipment materials and meet safety requirements. It should be noted that a thick paper shell and cushion are added between the grinding wheel and the chuck.
Bracket and grounding issues
A grinder with a diameter of more than 150 mm is required to be fitted with an adjustable bracket. The gap between the grinding wheel and the bracket must be greater than 1/2 of the diameter of the workpiece. The electrical devices used in the grinder must be grounded. The accidents that occur in most grinding wheels are due to the lack of a good grounding power configuration.
Protective safety precautions
The wheel cover is the most important guard in the use of the aluminum flat cutting disc. Its main function is to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent the grinding wheel from being broken into the operator. The wheel cover is round and square, and its opening angle must be smaller than a right angle.
The chipboard is also an important protection device. When the angle of the shield above the horizontal plane of the bearing spindle is greater than 30 degrees, the chip device must be provided. Its purpose is to shield the debris from splashing out when grinding the grinding wheel; the chipboard is installed on the square of the opening of the grinding wheel cover, the width should be larger than that of the grinding wheel cover, and the scraper plate needs to be firmly fixed to the ground, and the grinding wheel The distance between the outer circle and the chipboard should not exceed 6mm.