How To Install The Cutting Disc?


With the development of the abrasives industry, China’s cutting sheet industry has also developed rapidly. The cutting sheets are used more and more widely in the industry and occupy a broad market in China. Moreover, the cutting disc is not only highly efficient, but also has unique advantages, so it can be widely used by users. So what steps should be taken by some novice users after installing the cutting disc in order to better use the cutting disc during installation? Today’s high-quality cutting disc for sale by manufacturers of aurora abrasives to give you a summary.

Follow these steps when installing a cutting blade:

1. Unplug the power tool.

2. Remove dirt from the flange and saw blade.

3. When assembling, pay attention to the cooperation between the motor shaft and the center hole of the slice, and install it according to the correct rotation direction of the slice.

4. Fix the self-locking nut tightly. Before turning on the power, turn the slice by hand to check if it is installed correctly.

5. Idling for a few minutes before cutting, confirm that there is no swing or beating, try a few knives on the refractory brick or silicon carbide, and then work normally.