How To Choose The Suitable Cut Off Wheel


Users want to buy the right T41 4 inches cutting disc size the size of the cut off wheel must be understood. The choice of the cut off wheel depends mainly on whether it is suitable for the workpiece you cut. Particle size, hardness, the number of the organization must be understood and tested several times.

The most commonly used abrasives are brown corundum (A) and white corundum (WA), followed by black silicon carbide (C) and green silicon carbide (GC). The rest are also commonly used in chrome corundum (PA) and single crystal corundum (SA), microcrystalline corundum (MA), zirconium corundum (ZA).

When cutting with coarse-grained cut off wheels, the production efficiency is high, but the surface of the ground workpiece is rough; when cutting with a fine-grained cut off wheel, the surface roughness of the ground workpiece is better, and the productivity is lower. Under the premise of meeting the roughness requirements, coarse-grained cut off wheels should be used as much as possible to ensure high grinding efficiency. Generally, a coarse-grained cut off wheel is used for rough cutting, and a fine-grained cut off wheel is used for fine cutting.

choose the suitable cut off wheel