How Does The Grinding Wheel Work


fast working grinding wheel

Some people must be particularly curious about how the fast working grinding wheel works. In fact, its trajectory is not as simple as you think. In any kind of grinding process, the following comprehensive movements must occur, namely the rotation of the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the longitudinal or lateral direction of the grinding wheel or workpiece, continuous Or periodic movements, ie horizontal and vertical feeds.

Before grinding, the fast-working grinding wheel must be trimmed with diamond to a certain depth. At this time, the spiral is drawn on the periphery of the grinding wheel, and the inner pendulum linear spiral is drawn from the edge to the center at the end, and its pitch and depth are The spirals on the perimeter are the same.

Therefore, after trimming the circumference or the cylindrical surface of the fast working grinding wheel, the comb teeth having a fixed pitch and a fixed tooth height in the cross-section, and a set of comb teeth in the longitudinal section, the teeth of the teeth follow a regular spiral with a certain spacing The line is offset in the feed direction. After the end of the grinding wheel is trimmed, comb teeth are formed in the cross section from the periphery of the grinding wheel to the center, and the pitch and the thread height are constant. According to the rotation angle of the grinding wheel, whenever the grinding wheel rotates one turn, the comb teeth are offset to the center of the grinding wheel by a pitch.