How To Use The Cutting Disc better?


The development and use of cutting sheets have made the cutting disc more and more widely used. In many industries, cutting disc are used in production, and users who have used cutting disc have a certain understanding of the cutting disc. Cutting disc are consumable tools used in angle grinders or fixtures to cut a variety of materials from metal alloys to wood, stone, concrete and other materials. So how do you know how to use the cutting disc better? Today, the Aurora Abrasives will give you a summary of the use of the 105*1.2*16 cutting disc.

The cutting disc is used by being mounted on an angle grinder or a fixture, and then cutting the required materials such as steel pipes, stainless steel bars, aluminum profiles, and the like. Rather than cutting with a knife or scissors, in this case, the cut portions that are joined together again obtain the full length, and cutting with the cut sheets results in a reduction in the total length of the product. This happens because the use of disc cutting actually removes material from a specific location to form a hole that divides the product into segments of the desired length. If we hold a hand sander and rub the same place multiple times, we will get the same result. This means that the cutting process actually hones the material at a very fast rate in a very small area.

Only after knowing the use of the cutting disc can you use the cutting disc better and choose the right cutting disc device. I hope the above points can help everyone.