High Quality Metal Grinding Disc Dressing Method


high quality metal grinding disc

Dressing method can be said to be a large part of the preparation work of high quality metal grinding disc. It is carried out simultaneously with the sharpening of the ordinary grinding disc. For super-abrasive grinding discs, the two processes are carried out separately.

First, we need to shape the grinding disc. Grinding is then carried out using a super abrasive grinding disc, which is shaped using a shaping tool or a roller. The sharpening is often done with a ceramic bond. After the shaping is completed, high quality grinding disc is sharpened.

Second, the high quality grinding disc grinding and sharp processing. In this process, we need to remove the abrasive intergranular bond grinding abrasive granules, so that high quality metal grinding disc with very strong grinding performance protrudes beyond the bonding agent to form a sharp cutting edge. Sharpening must also remove the tiny material from the surface of the grinding disc to prevent the grinding force from increasing on the grinding disc. The grinding force on the grinding disc increases, which will cause the surface of the part to burn.

Third, take a small amount of trimming: In order to minimize the dressing time, we must choose the appropriate repair depth to trim the high quality metal grinding disc. If too large a removal depth is chosen, this will result in a high cutting temperature, which will reduce the life of the dresser and also remove the useful disc layer. The end result of this is that both the dresser and the high quality grinding disc are damaged, which is counterproductive.