The Reason Why The High Quality Grinding Disc Bursts


high quality grinding disc

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in the production of the high efficient metal abrasive disc. Special attention is paid to the safety of the grinding disc. Let’s talk to you below, so that everyone can avoid this situation in the process of using high quality grinding disc later, waste unnecessary time and avoid some security risks.

The main reasons for the breakage of the grinding disc are as follows:

1. There are quality problems in the grinding disc itself, such as the flatness of the cutting piece, the unevenness of the cutting piece, the high hardness of the cutting piece, and the lack of toughness of the cutting piece resin. So everyone must buy high quality grinding discs.
2. The operation method is not correct, for example, the wire speed of the grinding disc is only 72m / s, and the operator will install the grinding disc on the cutting machine with a line speed of 80m / s.
3. Carelessness, the grinding disc is installed to be idling (that is, there is no workpiece to run) for one minute, in this process can detect the quality of the cutting piece and the cutting piece aperture and the cutting table shaft are equipped.
4. The disc has undergone a more serious collision before use. Although it is relatively complete on the surface, its internal structure has been destroyed, and such discs are more likely to break during work.

Therefore, we must choose a good quality grinding disc when choosing the grinding disc. Inferior grinding discs are more likely to cause safety hazards.