Grinding Wheel Use Conditions


high quality 9" grinding wheel

1. The cutting line speed of the fast working grinding wheel must be greater than 80 m / s.
2. The grinding wheel must be cooled with water when cutting. The cooling water flow is not less than 2.4 liters/min.
3. The new grinding wheel must be trimmed with a special correction plate before use.
4. The cutting depth of the grinding wheel is determined according to the thickness of the grinding wheel and the cutting material. Generally, the large cutting depth is within 3 mm.
5. When selecting the grinding wheel, in order to ensure a good cutting effect, the grinding wheel with the corresponding abrasive grain size should be selected according to the different cutting materials.
6. The normal cutting speed of the grinding wheel (the moving speed of the object to be cut) is determined according to the requirements of the cutting material and the cutting precision and is generally within 0.5-200 mm/sec.

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