Grinding Wheel Roughness


4.5 inches grinding wheel

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd. is a China grinding wheel supplier, mainly produces 4.5 inches grinding wheel and other sizes of grinding wheels, so I know more about grinding wheels. Let’s talk about what is the surface roughness of the grinding wheel.

On the surface of the machined 4.5 inches grinding wheel, there are always some macro and micro geometric errors. The micro-geometry error on the surface of the part wheel is formed by a series of tiny pitch peaks and valleys on the surface of the part diamond wheel. The degree of fluctuation of these tiny peaks and valleys is called the surface roughness of the fast working grinding wheel of the part.

The surface roughness of grinding wheel is an important index to measure the precision of the surface of 4.5 inches grinding wheel. The surface roughness of the wheel of the part will affect the friction of the surface of the two matching parts with the contact of the wheel, the wear of the moving surface and the fit surface. The sealing, the working precision of the mating surface, the fatigue strength of the rotating parts, the aesthetics of the parts, etc., even affect the corrosion resistance of the surface of the wheel of the part.