Grinding Wheel Made In China Selection Skills


grinding wheel made in China

The grinding wheel made in China is mainly used for the cutting of some hard and brittle alloys and non-metallic materials, so they are essential processing equipment in the production and processing of alloys and non-metallic materials. So what should you pay attention to when purchasing diamond grinding wheels? China grinding wheel supplier to share tips.

Tip 1: The larger the size of the grinding wheel made in China, in order to avoid the diamond grinding wheel is blocked by the grinding debris, generally choose a softer diamond grinding wheel.
Tip 2: Grinding with coolant is 1~2 less than the hardness of the grinding wheel when dry grinding.
Tip 3: Under the same grinding conditions, the hardness of the resin bond grinding wheel is 1~2 lower than that of the ceramic bond grinding wheel.
Tip 4: When grinding wheel made in China rotates at a high speed, the hardness of the diamond grinding wheel can be softly 1~2.
Tip 5: Face grinding should be a softer diamond grinding wheel than circumferential grinding.
Tip 6: For grinding workpieces with poor thermal conductivity, choose a softer diamond grinding wheel.
Tip 7: The harder the workpiece, the softer grinding wheel made in China is, the softer the workpiece, the harder the diamond wheel is.
Tip 8: The larger the contact surface between the diamond grinding wheel and the workpiece, the softer the diamond grinding wheel is selected. Otherwise, the diamond grinding wheel with high hardness is selected.
Tip 9: Harder wheel should be chosen for fine grinding and profile grinding to maintain the necessary shape accuracy of the diamond grinding wheel.

China grinding wheel supplier reminds consumers to choose the appropriate diamond grinding wheel at a reasonable price when purchasing grinding wheel made in China.