Grinding Machine Safety Operation Procedures


long life grinding wheel

Grinding machine and hand grinding wheel safety operation procedures

1. Wear work clothes and protective gear such as protective glasses before work.
2. Before starting, first, check whether the long life grinding wheel and its protective device are in good condition.
3. When grinding the workpiece with a grinding wheel, first start to be idling normal, then take it from light to heavy, and evenly force. But the pressure should not be too large or violent to bump, so as not to cause the wheel to rupture and hurt people.
4. Do not grind heavy, too large, too long or too small, too thin workpieces on the grinding wheel. It is not allowed to stand on the front of the grinding wheel.
5. It is forbidden to start the grinding wheel casually or hit the grinding wheel with the impact of the object. When changing the grinding wheel, check the grinding wheel for cracks or defects. When loading, pay attention to correct, ensure that the long life grinding wheel is not eccentric. When you are looking for the right time, you should use a wooden device to gently tap it. Do not use too much force and do not use metal to beat. If the fit is appropriate, it should be flattened and the unqualified grinding wheel should not be used.
6. After the grinding wheel is thin and ground, it should be replaced in time. Thickness or size can be based on experience to ensure safety.
7. The grinder should have a special person responsible for maintenance and management, and non-designated personnel is not allowed to adjust or install the grinding wheel.
8. The power cord and plug of the hand grinding wheel must not leak electricity. The length of the cord should be appropriate, and it should not be too long to bend. The power should be turned off immediately after use, and it is not allowed to leave the long life grinding wheel to leave for other work.
9. The power switch should be installed near the worker to stop in time in the event of an accident.
10. Personal and equipment accidents occur, protect the scene and report to relevant departments in a timely manner.