Grinding Disc Materials


The grinding effect of the high quality grinding disc in industrial production is irreplaceable. The grinding disc with good quality has a better effect and longer life, and of course, it is more favored by users. The quality of the grinding disc is determined by the raw materials used to make the grinding disc. Good raw materials can produce high quality grinding discs, and vice versa. Let us talk about the importance of raw materials for grinding discs:

1. Powder phenolic resin. For powdered phenolic resins, fluctuations in flow length, particle size, urotropine content and gelation time can affect the quality of the cheap metal grinding disc. The flow of the powder resin is an important performance index that affects the structure of the binder. The size of the particle size affects the amount of the wetting agent, and the content of the volatiles is also important. In the actual grinding disc production process, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the performance of each batch of powder resin, so as to ensure the quality of the grinding disc.

cheap metal grinding disc

2. The stability of the technical indicators of the mesh. The mesh is initially applied to the resin grinding disc, and the important role is to increase the strength of the cheap metal grinding disc. As the performance of the resin grinding disc continues to increase, the role of the mesh in the resin grinding disc is very important. Mainly manifested in: fluctuations in the strength of the grinding disc, deformation of the slice, stratification of the grinding plate, and so on. The thickness of the mesh has an influence on the strength and viscosity of the high quality grinding disc and the cutting and grinding performance of the resin grinding disc. In theory, under the condition that the grinding disc production process is stable and allowed, the mesh with the higher amount of glue, the grinding disc The higher the strength, the better the bonding performance and the more stable the cutting.