Grinding Disc Five Points Precautions


The work of the cheap metal grinding disc is mainly grinding. Grinding discs are also divided into many different types according to different classification methods. A resin grinding disc is one of them. The resin grinding disc is a grinding disc that is treated with an adhesive. The following is a list of issues to be aware of when using the cheap metal grinding disc.

  1. Before using the resin grinding disc, be sure to check the product for cracks, products, and dumb sounds. If it is, it cannot be used.
  2. The speed of the resin diamond disc should not exceed the specified safe working line speed.
  3. Do not use a special cheap metal grinding discs. Do not use the end face of the disc.
  4. When the resin diamond disc is working on the workpiece, do not push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the disc.
  5. A high-quality metal disc should be trimmed with a special dressing tool. Operators must wear goggles when trimming.

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