Grinding Disc Damage And Preventive Measures


high quality metal grinding disc

The high quality metal grinding disc is a widely used grinding tool, usually composed of abrasives, adhesives, and reinforcing material. When in use, the disc can cause high-speed rotation damage to the human body. In order to reduce and control the occurrence of hazards, it is necessary to understand and grasp the hazards expressed and their preventive measures.

1. Handling and storage
During transportation and handling, if the high quality metal grinding disc bonded with phenolic resin is wet, it will reduce its strength; with ceramic-bonded discs, the temperature is very sensitive to repeated changes; uneven water absorption will make the disc unbalanced. Therefore, when loading and unloading the disc, it must be carefully placed and placed in a dry and cool place to keep the discs in a normal state.

2. Crack inspection
New high quality metal grinding disc should be inspected to ensure that the discs are dry and undamaged. The easy way is to use a raft to illuminate the disc. The complete ceramic disc will give a crisp sound. When combined with an organic bonded grinding disc, it will make a low sound, but the sound produced by the broken high quality grinding disc is different. For suspect discs, it should be clear to the supplier.

3. Testing
Before the new grinding disc is officially used, it should be tested at full speed and carefully observed. After wet grinding, the discs should be idle for a period of time and the water removed. Otherwise, water will accumulate in the lower part of the disc, causing the high quality metal grinding disc to become unbalanced, causing the next use to burst.